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Some Facts Revealed About Mobile App Testers

Mobile app testers are often considered people concerned with identification of bugs, but actually they perform a set of functions that adds value to a typical project. The importance of testers can be understood better if we consider the manner in which these skilled personnel approach testing.

A complex process, Mobile app testing requires patience apart from the general skill set that is required. While performing this tedious process, the testers follow a specific thought process and take a few things into consideration in order to reach the required depth in the process.

Asking Questions for Simplification

Mobile Application DevelopmentPost iPhone app development, Android app development etc., comes the testing phase that marks the beginning of the tester’s entry into a world of questions and deriving their valid answers. As a matter of fact, the capability of tester to ask suitable as well as challenging questions forms the heart of mobile app testing.

A good tester is characterized by his investigative & questioning skills and additional knowledge & deep understanding of technology & products. They discover questions from almost everywhere including conversations, designs, documentation etc. The role of app testers thus becomes more complex than that of a mobile application development as a lot of analysis work is required on a whole.

The wide set of questions that every mobile app tester comes across include queries about the specifications, project conversations, platform for the app, data processed by the app, integration capability of app with external apps, functionality feasibility with specific mobile browsers, priorities etc. Task is incomplete for tester if answers to these questions remain pending.

Tester’s Creative Approach

The tester gathers all the relevant info from various sources and then puts together a well defined plan to carry forward the testing process. Certain factors do affect the testing approach like budget and time. For sure, the process would become quite hard if the duration for entire process is just one day rather than one week or month. Here the creativity of testers also comes into play as they are often considered experts for out of the box thinking.

For example, they will take the mindset of various types of people, not literally, but just adopting the ability of thinking, analyzing and visualizing as different users including experienced ones, novice, competitor etc. Sometimes the bugs found initially may appear to be small and not-so-significant, whereupon deeper investigation reveals bigger problems. Testers look forward for multiple situations and discover unexpected results at times.

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Data Recovery and Business Continuity – Two Different Aspects

Undoubtedly, computers are great machines that simplify work processes and different functions within an organization. But excess reliance on these machines is not always effective as in case of system failure, the entire valuable data may get erased away.
Loss of data is quite frightening for the management of every organization and so proper data recovery measures are always needed.

Such measures help in extracting the data from a corrupted, damaged, failed, or trackless secondary storage media, when its not possible to recover them normally. But, more importantly, the concept cannot be taken same as business continuity as these are two different concepts.

Approach to Data Recovery

Data recovery is actually a small part or say a subset of business continuity. The disasters in reference to loss of data can be classified as major and minor. Recovery of the corporate data may require special efforts nearly equivalent to the restructuring of company’s infrastructure.

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Business data recovery is a complex issue, and so more refined is the recovery system in terms of dependability, scope and scalability, better are the chances to step up to continuity issues. The companies offering business data recovery services deploy the best recovery system for backing up their client’s data.

There are many firms that keep off-site copies of their valuable business data, just to ensure that in case of a disaster, its easy to recover the data. But not taking effective measures to migrate the back up off-site data back to the secondary site would prove to be a failure for the entire plan. So, proper planning is required for business data recovery, not just to back-up data but also to retrieve it in a safe location.

Business Continuity Defined

Completely different from data recovery, business continuity is business centric rather than data centric. The main idea behind this concept is to sustain business despite a failure or disaster. In other terms, it also means that data is accessible even in case of failure. Typically, business continuity can be taken as the assemblage of hardware & software technologies that enable storing data in two separate places at same time. A common example to clarify would be the concept of clustering that enables data replication between multiple systems. Hence, in case of some failure that data is reachable from a secondary source.

Continuity Has a Broader Sense

IT Help Desk Services

Continuity represents a fairly large scope of maintenance in regards to the business operations & facilities management, rather than just the recovery of data. Most companies conduct a practical analysis of the time required for recovery as time factor plays important role in deciding that what stuff must get recovered first. Prioritization of the data is a crucial step as varied businesses have different ordering lists.

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Pitfalls Every Start-up Developer Must Avoid

Few mobile start ups originate from a pure, original concept as most of them are based on models that are already existing. There are a number of reasons why not every start-up becomes a successful one. Different issues that may hinder the success include inappropriate planning, tough competition, bad quality output etc.

Some of the issues mentioned above are in the hands of developers to take control of while some cannot be avoided. The mistakes made by app developers may cause the start-up to stumble over and so preventing them is a must, but to start with, their proper identification is necessary.

Mobile Application Development

Ignoring the “App For Everyone” Concept

Every mobile application development company is keen to gather as many users as possible under its banner. It must go the same way for the start-up developers irrespective of the typical hurdles that come in the way to achieve this. One of the main problem with the “App For Everyone” concept is that an app useful for one user may not be that purposeful for the other.

This largely and fairly depends upon the analytical frame of mind users have these days as they go for an app only after they consider it fit for their requirements. The app must be broad-based so that a larger user base can interact with it. On a whole, the difference between success & failure in this field depends largely on identifying, characterizing & understanding the target audience.

Making Multiple Changes During the Course of Development

Once app development starts, making modifications in the features and requirements is never desirable and must be avoided to the maximum. It is a general observation that further customizing the application requires code rewriting that further demands extra time. This is likely to stretch the budget and time required for app development. Agile development can be the answer in such circumstances for it creates fresh opportunities for changes, but, in case, budget is a constraint, its better not to go for it.

Ignoring Essence of Proper Conceptualization

Lack of conceptualization is the ultimate key to failure and so every mobile apps developer must be well prepared before putting hands into a new project. Gathering as much information can be a great help in this regards as one can derive rich data to incorporate a killer feature app for the users that is unrivaled in the market. On a stronger note, it would be better to say that selecting an attractive concept and keeping eye on the minutest detail can be the recipe for success.Except this services business data recovery is also a main things.

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Few Important Considerations for Mobile Developers

Mobile app developers are on a roll these days and so is the growing world of mobile apps that is producing millions of interactive user-friendly apps for global users. The mobile application development sector has plenty to offer for the developers, provided they make the best use of it by considering a few vital points that keep their developed apps constantly in the race.

Avoid Complicated Interface

Its a fact derived from survey that while surfing through a vast list of apps available in app market, most users analyze an app for around 45-60 seconds. These figures may go up in case the app is a paid one as everyone wants to pay only for something that offers them the value for their money. So, the take away from this is to design apps that are attractive and possess a simplified interface too.

Resolution Independent Edge

If being a mobile app development professional, you consider creating the app for multiple devices then there are increased chances that your assets will require to scale. It won’t look marvelous scaling the images up for fitting on a tablet device. The best and most easy approach for solving this is to create the artwork in a vector pattern right from the start.

Attractive Icon is a Must

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Every app gets just one chance to create an impression in the mind of users who are looking for an app suiting their requirements. Hence, the essence of a striking app icon can never be ruled out as it is the bold factor that sets the popularity stage for that app. In other terms treat it as a black canvas on which something impressive can be carved out.

Listen What the Users Say

The mobile apps are for sure designed to serve a specific purpose but not essentially for use by a certain age group. Priority here is to satisfy the user by providing an app that serves the purpose for which it was built. But what if the end users are not satisfied, they might feel the need to establish communication with you. Get Satisfaction is an effective service offering the ideal communication channel for the users. Many developers engaged in mobile application development in New Jersey are reportedly tapping the best out of this service.

It can be employed for making request for new & improved features, reporting bugs or offering suggestions that may prove helpful for that app as well the similar ones to be developed in future. The best part of it is that the entire communication is totally transparent, thereby ensuring reliability for both sides. But, this does not necessarily mean going by what users suggest every time, as having faith in one’s instinct is also helpful.

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