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Tablet App Developers Should Optimize Layouts for Larger Screens

Tablets have played a crucial role in filling the vacant space of feature enriched mobile devices that are compact and offer desktop PC like experience. If you are also developing apps considering the tablet users as your target market then prior to publishing, its vital to ensure that the app meets the general requirements of users.

Compelling features, a well designed UI, attractive icon are few essential attributes that are expected in a promising tablet app. Additionally, it is also required to optimize the existing layout for large size screens as this factor plays a vital role in the app’s success or failure.

Optimization Really Works

Mobile Application Development in New Jersey

Developers engaged in tablet application development must understand the advantages offered by Android platform beforehand as proper know-how of the platform helps a lot to design the app in a better way. Its the leading edge offered by Android that it enables app development for a wide gamut of device screen sizes. Such a broad compatibility works totally in the developers favor as they can develop a single app for distributing it widely on all the targeted devices.

However, the developers offering tablet application development services must optimize the layouts and UI components for every targeted screen configuration. This is extremely necessary to ensure the best possible experience for each screen configuration, especially the tablets. Optimizing your UI on tablets enables you tap the benefit of additional screen available, for offering new features, presenting fresh content to deepen user engagement. The best approach is to start with minor adjustments and then carry them forward as per the screen sizes.

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Strategies to Ensure Effective Mobile App Development

As per the recent stats available from the mobile app market, it can be said positively that this is one sector that has been growing at a constant pace and considering the current craze for Smartphones & mobile apps, the boom shall continue in near future for sure.

Whether its Apple’s App Store or the Android market, all have received a flood of mobile apps. Developing the right mobile application that caters to the need of users is quite a tedious task but not an impossible one.

Strategies to Adopt

Mobile app development is a rapidly booming domain and to keep it flourishing the same way, the firms offering these services must do what’s best for the users. Firstly, the decision to choose a native mobile application, or a hybrid based one, or an HTML5 application is extremely crucial for the developers.

Mobile Application Development in New Jersey

Its also pretty critical to give mobile-first strategy importance, but it must be ensured that it must not be a mobile-only strategy. Adopting a mobile-first strategy will surely guide the app development process in a far better way. Crap apps are never desirable in the app market and so the developers must take care to avoid presenting convoluted interfaces to users.

A nicely designed mobile app is one that offers more than just maps, alerts, bus finder, ticket buying facility to the users. Many companies engaged in mobile application development in New Jersey have made it a habit to adhere to the latest mobile app development trends and follow the app-betterment strategies as well so that they can match the requirements of users searching for such skillfully designed apps.

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iPhone Development Methodology Under Questions

iPhone apps have certainly changed the way people conduct their daily life and business processes because of which people are taking keen interest in these apps. This has further resulted into more developers dedicating their efforts for creating apps for every use. The App Store witnesses a huge flood of iOS apps these days, but the actual question is that how many of these are worth use.

Real Situation Bit Disturbing

The iPhone hype prompted developers around the globe to create applications that are not only innovative but actually something that the users may have never thought of. But, actually this hype didn’t meant a hype actually when talking of the app development for this platform. Many designers tried of testing their app development skills with the booming mobile medium. What was the ultimate result? Various iPhone apps that are counter-intuitive and hardly usable.

iphone Applications Developers

An iPhone application development company always treats the iconic Apple device as part of a much larger picture. The developers working for an iPhone application development company often develop apps in isolation from the actual users. This must be avoided completely and to ensure genuine appealing apps, more focus must be on the mechanism of the apps.

This can be best done by addressing the human and environmental factors and that implies understanding the user as well as sophisticated environmental factors affecting the user. It also involves answering questions pertaining to the capabilities and limitations of the user to be prepared. It is a quite helpful strategy that will surely yield more popularity & usability for your iPhone app worldwide.

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A Pain for IT Help-desk – Repetitive & Annoying Password-reset Calls

Despite the growing technical acumen of an average person, work employees always rely on corporate help in case their system crashes, applications misbehave or any other tech-related mishap occurs, that is completely undesirable.

This reliance is in turn increasing the traffic volume along with the rising ticket volume of support centers. The biggest problem is that the issues are more of repetitive nature and so cause the more critical problems to be in queue.

The Disturbing Scenario

Elimination of the irritating help desk calls cannot happen completely, but yes the IT help desk services can control them to a level for sure. This is extremely crucial as handling such calls costs a lot of money. One of the most usual query call is for password reset. The results of a survey reveal that around one-third of the managed IT services support centers reported more than 30% of their tickets for this issue.

IT Help Desk on its Toes

While dealing with such password-reset calls, though the IT help desk professionals leave no stone unturned to educate the users about self-help options yet the biggest problem that arises in this case is actually making the users help themselves. This could be owing to the fact that users take the path of minimal resistance and so prefer dialing the help desk number. For a company, one feasible way of bringing down such calls is to properly market the automated password reset function and registering everyone actively rather than leaving it to them to register.

Optimizing the Usage Pattern of iPhone Apps is Crucia

iPhone application development has become a really hot topic in the mobile app fraternity and that can be easily made out from the numerous iPhone apps available in the App Store these days.

Employing all their skill & expertise, the developers are experimenting in different ways to create unique iPhone apps that refine the user experience. The focus is to transform the creative idea into a stylish iPhone app and then sell it to millions of Apple mobile users via App Store.

The Real Worth of iPhone Apps

It has been a debate since long that whether these iPhone apps are really simplifying the tasks for the user fraternity. This also poses a question as to how good these apps are for downloading. These days, users download a screen-full of such apps. But the figures that define the usage pattern may seem astonishing for the firms engaged in iPhone application development services as reportedly only 3% users actually use an app 30 days after its download.

Does that imply that maximum iPhone apps do not make much useful sense to the users. The answer to this complicated question can be well explained in terms of the interaction design of an iPhone app. These days the iPhone applications developers design the app considering majorly on its implementation aspect. Two things that matter most in an app are its code and visual interaction design, but when an app is made live, these parameters fall short to address the real needs of customers.

What can be the ultimate result? The result is abundance of apps in the App Store that are downloaded just for a one-time-usage due to lack of sound interaction design. This is a crucial issue that needs due consideration by the developers if users interest in the developed app is to be maintained intact.

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Mistakes to Avoid During iPhone Application Development

iPhone is the biggest technological marvel the world has ever witnessed and when it comes to its apps, they appear as wonderful resources that have transformed the life of millions. iPhone applications offer the best possible user experience to the users of this iconic device with the exception of the case when these are not nicely designed.

These days almost every mobile app developer has jumped into the domain of iPhone application development and so not every designed app serves the purpose for which it is created for. Lack of creative idea and the proper know-how of this domain results in poorly designed iPhone apps that is never desirable, neither from the developer’s nor from the user’s perspective.

The Most Frequent Errors

Few design related problems are common in many iPhone apps owing to which users cannot derive optimum benefit from it. Apart from that, the developers providing iPhone application development services make mistakes that are more of an outcome of confusion or negligence. Developers often neglect technological restrictions, like single-threaded OS architectures, slow internet connection & processors.

They also confuse navigation that includes the flow, layout & taxonomy. Keeping aside the technological features like built-in GPS, accelerometer etc., and new iPhone interactions like fingers in place of standard mouse; turn, tilt & rotate, multi-touch gestures etc., is another big error. Hence, the developers in an iPhone application development company must consider a systematic overview of the useful ideas & recommendations, best practices, example showcases etc., involved in the development process to avoid commonly made mistakes.

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